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Nuremberg Castle by Sydney Gobin

Fortifying one of the most important medieval trade centers in Germany, Nuremberg Castle dominates the skyline of the city. Stationed upon a rocky bluff above the Pegnitz Valley and along the edge of a vast forest, the castle was built, expanded, and refurbished on numerous occasions from 1039, when the Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg) was first built by Holy Roman Emperor, Henry III (r. 1039-56), well into the sixteenth century. While only remnants of this original structure remain, a contemporary visitor is still able to see its early medieval foundations.

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St. Hilarion, Cyprus by Dr. Helena Schrader

A little off the beaten track, in the Turkish part of Cyprus, the ruins of three spectacular medieval castles can still be visited today. Embedded into the contours of the mountains, these castles were constructed by the Byzantines after the Greeks expelled the Muslim invaders and re-established firm control over the Island. They were later expanded and modified by the Lusignan kings of the crusader Kingdom of Cyprus. Only fragments of their history have survived, yet the legends and hints of past glories combined with the dramatic ruins invite speculation and ignite the imagination.

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Bamburgh Castle, UK by Dr. Dan Spencer

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland is one of the most attractive castles in England and has a long and interesting history. It is located on a volcanic outcrop that overlooks the sea and covers approximately a quarter of a mile. The first fortress was established on the site by the Anglo-Saxon rulers of the kingdom of Bernicia, with the Normans building a castle there in the eleventh century.

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