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This is a PAID writing opportunity!

We’re looking for articles that range between 750-1500 words (maximum) in length. Please include a brief bio, photo (if you wish), and any links you may want our readers to be aware of, such as a personal website, links to published work, and social media accounts. 

The Medieval Magazine is a monthly publication. Issues will be released on the 10th of every month. If you want to write for a specific issue, we ask that your article be submitted no later than the 1st of that month. (E.g., if you want to write for the November 10th issue, you must submit your work no later than November 1st).

Writers must submit properly credited images. Please indicate where the image was sourced so that we are not in violation of copyright laws when we put together your article. Please also indicate how you would like to be credited when submitting your own photos.


September: 10 Year Anniversary Issue!

Back to School & Hello Fall

  • Best of

  • Town vs Gown: Medieval universities

  • Education in the Middle Ages - what was taught? Did certain regions prioritize different things?

  • Creation of the universities, patronage and power

  • Medieval education then and now

  • Impact of universities on medieval cities

  • Autumnal equinox

  • Harvests, agricultural activities to prepare for winter

  • Feudalism, the Manor House

  • Fall festivals, holidays

  • Fall food

October: Halloween, The Black Death & Folklore

  • Ghosts, vampires, monsters, witches, and werewolves - stories about the fantastical

  • Medieval Halloween practices, history of Halloween

  • Medieval murder: looking at notorious criminals and their heinous crimes (Elizabeth Bathory, Gilles de Rais etc…)

  • Myths, legends, and superstitions

  • Regional tales from around the medieval world

  • Myths medieval and modern: What has stayed with us today?

  • Medieval belief - an introspective

  • Impact of the Black Death in Europe: How Did it Change the Economic and Social landscape?

  • New findings: Black Death Research

  • History of the Black Death

  • Strange tales: Superstition, and weird stories that circulated during the Black Death

  • Medicine: how medieval physicians combated the Black Death

November: The Food Issue

  • Medieval recipes: Christmas, Hanukkah, winter warmers - recreating the Medieval kitchen at home

  • Food history - what did Medieval people eat?

  • Social history and food; manners, utensils, customs

December: Christmas

  • A look at Christmas in the Medieval and Renaissance period

  • Medieval traditions

  • Religious practices

  • Winter events

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