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This is a PAID writing opportunity!

We’re looking for articles that range between 750-1500 words (maximum) in length. Please include a brief bio, photo (if you wish), and any links you may want our readers to be aware of, such as a personal website, links to published work, and social media accounts. 

The Medieval Magazine is a monthly publication. Issues will be released on the 10th of every month. If you want to write for a specific issue, we ask that your article be submitted no later than the 1st of that month. (E.g., if you want to write for the November 10th issue, you must submit your work no later than November 1st).

Writers must submit properly credited images. Please indicate where the image was sourced so that we are not in violation of copyright laws when we put together your article. Please also indicate how you would like to be credited when submitting your own photos.


December: Christmas

  • A look at Christmas in the Medieval and Renaissance period

  • Medieval traditions

  • Religious practices

  • Winter events


January: The Carolingians

  • Charlemagne and his legacy

  • Carolingian Renaissance

  • Impact of the Carolingians on the later medieval period

  • Carolingian minuscule

February: Love, Relationships, & Marriage

  • Marriage

  • Friendship

  • Sex & Sexuality

  • Courtly love

March: Women

  • Royal women, peasant women

  • The changing role of women in the Middle Ages – various countries, laws etc.

  • Women in medicine - midwives, healers

  • Witchcraft and the perception of women

  • Early medieval women vs women in the Later Middle Ages & Renaissance

April: Technology

  • Medieval Technological advances

  • On the threshold of the Renaissance – the move into a new era, and new technological advances

  • #TechnologicalFail – when technology goes wrong. Tales of technological blunders

  • Early medieval technology – the remnants of antiquity?

May: Fashion

  • Early medieval fashion

  • Late medieval fashion and Sumptuary Laws – dressing to your station

  • What causes fashions to change and how long did fashions last in the medieval period?

  • Variations of high fashion on the continent

June: The Crusades

  • Crusaders: who were they?

  • Other Crusades: Baltic Crusades etc…

  • Stories from the Crusades, myths, legends, weird and wonderful tales.

  • The Other Side: Muslim and Jewish perspectives on the Crusades

July: Byzantium

  • The East-West Schism 1054

  • Ottomans

  • Byzantine art & culture

  • Byzantium at war

  • Daily life in the Byzantine Empire

  • Famous historical figures of Byzantium

August: Famine in the Middle Ages

  • The Great Famine 1315–1317

  • Famine 1016

  • Famine in Venice 1518

  • Causes of famine & efforts to prevent it

September: The Military Orders

  • A look at their inception and role in the Crusades

  • Teutonic Knights

  • Hospitaliers

  • The Templars

  • The decline of the knightly orders

  • The fall of the Templars

October: Plague

  • Plague of 1348

  • Plague policies: quarantine, health regulations that were born the Black Death

  • Other plagues in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

  • Plague in the East

  • Plague doctors, cures and medical treatises

  • What ended the plague?

November: Feudalism and the Manor House

  • The inner workings of the manor house

  • Reciprocal relationships: Lord, vassal and fief

  • Feudal variations in different countries

  • The decline of Feudalism

December: Medieval Communities

  • Medieval Monasticism

  • Mendicant orders

  • Confraternities

  • Guilds & lay communities

  • Convents: the religious life of medieval women

  • Outliers: flagellants and unusual religious groups

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